SDS: Smart Deployment Series

Another inspired idea from Cartoni

Cartoni continues its tradition of innovation and evolution in camera supports with the SDS Smart Deployment Series.

An advanced design concept woven into a new series of tripods and spreaders; combining stability, performance and versatility with an incredibly simple set-up and take-down so operators will never again miss that magical moment.

On the set or in the field, SDS support systems are the perfect solution when every second counts.

Banner-SDS chris ray superior view

Smart Stop:

A patented one lock secures all stages simultaneously, reducing opening and closing time over tripods with separate locks for each stage. The second stage opens only after the first stage is fully extended, guaranteeing maximum torsional resistance for improved stability.

Smart Lock Spreader:

This new patented mid-level spreader surpasses conventional spreaders with faster set up, extended high and low positioning, and better adaptability to uneven terrain. Lock buttons on each arm allow spreader position to be set with three simple movements. The sliding mechanism has a serrated edge that permits it to be locked into position without impeding closure. When it’s time to move, simply collapse the tripod’s legs; the spreader closes itself!

Smart-Lock spreader
SDS handle shot cartoni tripods


A handle placed on the tripod makes short movements easier. Hold the tripod and fluid head in one hand, the camera in the other. When moving longer distances, the handle is helpful in placing the system inside a soft bag or hard shell.

Together, these patented features comprise the Smart Deployment Series system. SDS tripods are faster to set up and close than conventional tripods, provide greater excursion (50 mm to 155 mm – 19.7 in. to 71 in.) and make it easier for operators to capture great shots. The SDS tripods’ red stripe, an Italian design touch, makes them immediately distinguishable for other systems.

SDS tripods are available in four models. They come in in carbon fiber or aluminum, and in 75-mm and 100-mm diameters. They support a range of Cartoni Fluid Heads and popular cameras. With a maximum payload of 60 kg (132 lbs.), models equipped with a 100-mm base can easily support a Focus 22 head and an Alexa or similar camera. SDS tripods with a 75-mm base are ideal for lighter loads such as Focus 8, Focus 12, Focus 18 and Focus HD.