Find a Solution to Meet Your Needs Within the Hawk-Woods Lineup of Products

If you’re unfamiliar with the Hawk-Woods lineup of products, it includes several unique solutions to powering your equipment – from camera batteries to high-powered adapters. Having served the broadcast industry for well over 20 years, Hawk-Woods has developed products that pinpoint specific industry problems and tackle them with precision. As the sole distributor for Hawk-Woods products in the US, we’d like to share a few of those solutions with you here:

Sticky Batteries

Today’s on-set requirements call for flexible battery solutions. For those working with drones or small cameras, Hawk-Woods has designed the compact and lightweight sticky battery. With two M3 Dual lock strips and waterproof velcro, the sticky battery can be applied to just about anything – from cameras to rigs to drones. These batteries come equipped with two Power-con outputs that are capable of delivering up to 10A, easily enough to power most lightweight cameras. The front of the battery features 4 LED lights that display the remaining battery life to keep you running at peak efficiency.

Where weight balancing is an issue, Hawk-Woods offers the ST-QR, a sticky battery quick release plate for long-term positioning. That way, you can quickly switch from one camera to the next without jeopardizing weight distribution.

These sticky batteries come in two sizes, the ST-38, which provides 38 watts and weighs 240g, and the ST-75, which carries 75 watts and weighs 465g. Chargers for the sticky batteries include a single- and two-channel option, both of which include a Tiny Tap connector and sport an approximate charge of the ST-38 in 2 hours and the ST-75 in 4 hours.

Additional M3 Dual lock strips can be purchased separately if required, as well as accessories for further outputs.

Atomos Power Adapters

Atomos monitors require a lot of juice to keep them running for any extended period. That’s why Hawk-Woods developed the following adapters to provide ample power to your Atomos monitors and keep them running longer.

For those of you working with an Atomos Shogun Flame or Inferno monitor, Hawks-Woods offers the VL-AS1, which allows V-Lok batteries to power your monitor with a plate that fits right into the original battery compartment. Better yet, it improves upon the original design by making the battery weight more central and evenly distributed. Standard MDV batteries typically last in the 35 to 45-minute range while V-Loks will give you a substantial boost in battery life and overall run-time. The VL-AS1 also includes two Power-con outputs which can be used to power any accessories, transmitters, or receivers needed.

If you’re looking to use Gold Mount batteries to power your Atomos Shogun Inferno and Flame monitors, Hawk-Woods offers the AB-AS1. Other than the Gold Mount fitting, the AB-AS1 includes all the same features as the VL-AS1.

For older versions of Atomos monitors such as the Shogun, Hawk-Woods offers the VL-AS. Much like the VL-AS1, this power adapter provides more battery life to the monitor with V-Lok batteries powering via the 2.1mm DC output. The VL-AS also includes a Power-con output at the top of the adapter to provide additional power where necessary.

Lighting Spigot

The last thing you need to worry about on set is leaving a trail of cables from your light fixture to your power supply. Not only can it pose a safety hazard, but it creates disorder in what can already be a hectic studio setting. Hawk-Woods has developed an adapter to attach your battery directly to your light stand, eliminating the need for trailing wires.

The SPG-14 makes it easy to power your lights by attaching your battery to 16mm C-Stands between your light fixture and stand, permitting up to 12A of current. Both V-Lok and Gold Mount versions are available, providing either 14V or 28.8V, and connecting to your light fixture with a three-pin XLR power cable.

Hawk-Woods Accessories

In addition to the products mentioned above, Hawk-Woods offers a broad range of chargers, cables, and accessories to aid your cinematic journey. For anyone looking to power their batteries on the go, there’s the Tiny Tap connector that can work with any Lithium-Ion battery and is safe for air travel. Alternatively, you can charge your batteries directly from your iPhone or iPad with the Hawk-Woods Power-Con to USB Adapter. Whatever you require for your specific shoot, Hawk-Woods has an accessory to meet your needs.

For more information on Hawk-Woods products and accessories, take a look at our collection in the Hawk-Woods store.

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