Rachel Morrison & Cartoni Lambda on the new film Mudbound

“DP Rachel Morrison on Creating a Tactile ‘Mudbound’ & Making ‘Black Panther’ Distinct”   First off, congratulations to Cinematographer Rachel Morrison​ for making history and becoming the first female director of photography to receive an Oscar nomination. Rachel Morrison has not-so-quietly emerged as one of the most exciting cinematographers working today. While she had previously […]

Cartoni FocusHD and Focus 12 Difference In Quick Release Camera Plates

Focus 12 and Focus HD The Cartoni Focus 12 and Focus HD fluid heads are ideal choices for 4K/UHD Cameras, ENG, lightweight      digital cinema cameras and DSLRs.  The two heads are identical, except that Focus 12 features a euro-style quick release plate, while Focus HD is equipped with a side lock plate. Both […]

Cartoni Focus 12 and Focus HD: Exploring Your Options

  Anyone in the industry knows that you should invest as much research into your support gear as your camera. And this includes fluid heads, which together with a stable tripod allow for smooth and steady shots. No matter what equipment you’re shooting with, from HDSLR to top-end digital cinematography cameras, you want your shots […]