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New Mini V-Lok

The mini battery system offers you everything the standard size battery but in a mini V-Lok case offers the perfect solution if you want longer run times, you will also benefit by saving on weight and space! The battery is so small, it will fit into the palm of your hand!

300w power
mini v-lok 50% smaller


The Power Pros

Hawk-Woods is synonymous with innovative power solutions for film and broadcast. Camera operators, sound recordists, lighting engineers and other production pros rely on our battery products for long life, compact design, durability and performance. Work faster and accomplish more with power from Hawk-Woods. For over 25 years our camera batteries, chargers, power adapters, cables and plugs are precision designed to meet the needs of media professionals and come with our guarantee of quality and durability.


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Anton/ Bauer Adapter for Atomos Flame & Inferno

Get Longer run time on your Atomos Flame or Inferno by using larger Snap-On Batteries.

The Spigot adapters are the latest addition to the extensive Hawk-woods range which make powering LED Panel heads a simple task.