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RENATO CARTONI. 1936 shooting a parade.
RENATO CARTONI. 1936 shooting a parade.


Reflecting the state of the art in camera support technology, CARTONI offers the widest product range in the industry. 75 years of know-how and experience, innovative solutions, patented technologies and the constant care of serving the professional in any shooting situation with any camera, make CARTONI synonymous with excellence in camera support. CARTONI SpA currently exports from Rome, its Italian headquarters, to sixty countries in five continents, with a network of agents and distributors serving all major international users. CARTONI’s mission is to guarantee the cameraman the highest possible reliability, freedom and creativity in any environment.


Every part of a CARTONI support system originates from technical research that aims for performance perfection: The Fluid Drag System, highlighted by several patents such as the modular labyrinth combination, the variable labyrinth and the planetary fluid control incorporates in the various Fluid Heads. CARTONI camera support heads assure smooth, precise and repeatable movements to a camera. The Counterbalance, with the modular helical spring system, the patented silicon padded variable system or the patented steel cable system allows the perfect counterbalance of the camera throughout the tilt mode. The camera correct centering is possible thanks to the accurate sliding plates hosting the quick release camera attachment. The Easy Readable Settings, all conveniently placed and assisted by digital readout, and the illuminated spirit level, ensure fast and precise set up. The Sturdy Tripods, manufactured in special alloys or carbon fiber composites, guarantee absolute stability and virtually no torque effect with their self-adjusting leg coupling and precise and positive height locks. The Portable, Lightweight and Versatile Pedestals with the innovative pneumatic column design allow for torque-free elevation movement. The extremely stable wheel units in all dollies and pedestals are mounted on 6 high precision bearings, and lockable in 6 positions.

Renato Cartoni shooting in Africa 1935.
Renato Cartoni shooting in Africa 1935.

Who is Cartoni?

In 1935, renowned camera man Renato Cartoni invented the first flywheel pan-head tripod. His new tripod quickly became standard equipment for the documentary and new camera operations of the day. By World War II, most Italian cameramen were equipped with Cartoni Heads and Tripods. When his father retired Guido Cartoni stepped in and turned the small family enterprise into a thriving business. The Cartoni line grew, serving the needs of the expanding film video market. By the 1970s the name Cartoni was know throughout Europe. In 1992, Cartoni U.S.A. opened its doors. Soon after Cartoni introduced the C40S Dutch Head; which gained popularity for commercial, film, music video, and effects works.

Why Cartoni?

Cartoni Has continued to set standards in the industry. In 1992, the academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognized Cartoni with a Scientific and Engineering Award that reads, “The work of Dr. Cartoni set the standard for one of the most popular methods of achieving selectable and repeatable viscous drag used in the tripod industry.” Today, Cartoni offers a versatile family of camera support products including; the HiDV and Focus for HDV, the Gamma for ENG, the Delta for digital and high definition cameras, the Master for digital cinematography and 16mm cameras, the Sigma for 35mm and studio cameras, the Omega for studio broadcasts, P20, P50, P70, and P90 Pedestals, and the Lambda.

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What is the Cartoni Advantage?

Experience – Cartoni has a combined eight decades of engineering experience with 21st century technologies.

Responsiveness – Cartoni has continually listed and responded to the needs of working camera operators.

Quality – Operations are exquisitely smooth; counterbalance is a breeze in and configuration: controls access and simple to operate. All Cartoni products are built to withstand the rigors of a busy shooting schedule.

Value – Compare, feature by feature and you’ll see that Cartoni represents the best value in the market.


CARTONI S.p.A. warrants that this fluid head will be free of defects in workmanship and materials and agrees that it will, at its option, either repair or replace any defective part within 5 years from date of first purchase with no labor charge. Tripods, dollies and all other relevant accessories are guaranteed 1 year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to any CARTONI equipment that is subject to misuse, abnormal service or handling or which has been modified or changed in design or construction. Warranty claims must be submitted to the factory for verification or to an authorized distributor designated by CARTONI S.p.A. in writing. Repairs by any unauthorized parties will void this warranty. CARTONI S.p.A. shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages. All shipments of equipment to CARTONI S.p.A. must be prepaid and insured during the warranty period.

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Manios Digital & Film is the exclusive distributor for Cartoni products.
Please visit Cartoni’s website for more information.

Create Your System

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FOCUS Family of Support

Systems for Camcorders, Lightweight Cameras, ENG, Digital Cinema and Broadcast up to 50 lbs. Featuring the Smart Deployment Series of Tripods.


Systems for EFP, OB and Studio style shooting with camera packages weighing up to 209 pounds

Master Series of Broadcast Heads

Maxima Heads for Digital Cinema

Lambda Nodal Heads

Other Fluid Heads

Total Dutch


P20 and P70 Pedestal
P90 Pedestal


Watch Videos

Click here to view product videos.

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