SDS Smart Deployment Series


Cartoni introduces the new SDS Smart Deployment Series

The SDS system expands on Cartoni’s famous SMART STOP two-stage/single lever tripod technology with the addition of the new SMART LOCK mid-level spreader. It features a patented “no-bind” mechanism for quick spread and collapse. The result is the most intelligent, fastest deployed tripod in the industry.

Easily identifiable by their characteristic red-rod trigger mechanism and ergonomic carry handle, the SDS 100mm and75mm tripods are available in aluminum and carbon fiber.

SDS tripods can be paired with Cartoni’s FOCUS line of fluid heads to form an ideal system for broadcast ENG, documentaries, film and other types of content creation requiring quick set-up and teardown.





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  • 100mm SmartStop SDS 2 Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod

    100mm SmartStop SDS 2 Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod

    This ENG lightweight tripod is specially designed for fast setup. In just 3 moves of the patented Smart-Stop lever you can adjust the double stage legs in a moment and yet rely on a positive clamp at any desired operative height.

    Smart-Stop double stage tripod features 100 mm bowl base in aluminium or carbon fiber tubing.

    Ideally completed by built-in Spreader and pivoting rubber feet it features an extraordinary torsional rigidity and becomes the bestseller tripod for ENG and Documentary work.

    If mounted with Ground Spreader S732:
    - Minimum Height - 45 cm (17,7 in.)
    - Maximum Height - 155 cm (61,0 in.)
    - Folded Height - 71 cm (28,0 in.)

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  • Mid-Level SDS Smart Lock Spreader

    Mid-Level Smart Spreader

    The SDS Smart Deployment Series SMART LOCK mid-level spreader, featuring a patented CARTONI “no-bind” mechanism for quick spread and collapse capability, is a built-in spreader with a unique 2 stage deployment concept.

    Made of high performance composite, the SMART LOCK weight only 460 gr (1 lbs).

    A side button on each arm releases the 2 seconds, while the same retract by simply pushing them in.

    The spreader fits to any CARTONI DV and ENG tripod with a quick release hook.

    The practical strap fixed to the center ring of the spreader and to the tripod base speeds the folding of the system by one single move.

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  • JibO T-bar

    T-bar for jibO

    The Cartoni T-Bar is an accessory for use with the portable 3-section lightweight Compact Jibo. This accessory enables remote control set up and allows installation of controls for camera and zoom.

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  • 2 Stage Aluminum Flat Base

    2 Stage Aluminum Flat Base

    Constructed from either die cast alloy or carbon fiber, the Studio tripod is designed to provide extremely stable support for studio EFP configurations or 35mm film cameras.
    Fitted with two rotary clamping mechanisms and features 22mm diameter tubes, the single stage version, performs unsurpassed torsional rigidity and structural integrity, while the locking knobs, which include over tightening protection, ensure maximum clamping efficiency maintained over the tripod lifetime. On the two-stage version, higher rigidity is obtained with a combination of 22/25mm diameter tubes.
    Ideal for C40 S, this tripod can be supplied with an interchangeable 150mm-bowl base or Flat Mitchell Base.

    Aluminum alloy construction
    Flat base mount
    Double extension design
    Maximum height of 72"
    Supports up to 330.0 lb
    Film-style twist locks
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  • 100mm 1 Stage HD Aluminum

    100mm 1 Stage HD Aluminum

    This is the Cartoni H601 Heavy Duty Tripod, made of aluminum and featuring a 100mm bowl-base, single leg stage, 176 lb payload, and quick and secure flip-clamping system with safety locks. The feet feature threaded spikes that support optional adjustable rubber feet as well as dollies and ground spreaders. The H601 also supports a mid-level spreader, but it would require optional pivoting tripod feet when incorporating one.

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  • JibO FB Adapter

    Adapter for JibO and all Mitchell flat base Tripods

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