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Master MKII

Commercial Code: H541

Maestro! Maestro! The new Cartoni Master Mk2 Fluid Head will be introduced at NAB. It was designed specifically for a wide range of digital and film cameras weighing from 6 to 66 pounds.

The Mk2 counterbalances very light cameras from 3 kg (6.6 lbs) all the way to 30 Kg (66 lbs)—from the smallest HD camcorders to fully-loaded RED, Alexa, F65, NXCam, Canon C300, JVC HM750, and many other cameras with all their accessories.

The new Cartoni counterbalance mechanism is an evolution of the patented Cartoni “Wing” system and neutrally balances any load at any angle throughout the +/- 90° (full 180°) tilt range.

The frictionless variable fluid modules provide a wide range of fluid drag for silky smooth moves in any shooting situation.

All operating knobs and levers are conveniently located and easy to reach. The designers took special care to provide user-friendly ergonomics.

The Master Mk2 comes equipped with two telescopic pan bars, standard quick-release sliding camera plate, (Eurostyle plate optional) illuminated bubble level and digital readouts for drag and counterbalance settings.

The Cartoni Master Mk2 has a flat Mitchell standard base and an available 150 mm bowl converter to make the Mk2 suitable for all leg options and dollies.

How does it differ from the recently released Maxima?

The Cartoni Maxima accepts a wider range of camera weights. It balances cameras from zero (0) to 40 kg (88lbs) throughout the entire 180° tilt range.

The Maxima’s continuous Fluid Drag System goes from almost freewheeling to extremely tight drag for almost any shooting situations

Courtesy Jon Fauer / Film and Digital Times

Payload Capacity lbs / kg
22 - 66 lbs / 10 - 30 kg
Weight lbs / kg
18.7 / 8.5 kg
Pan Range (°)
Tilt Range (°)
+/- 90°
Fluid Drag
Bowl Diameter
Flat Mitchell/150mm
Temp. Range
-40° / +158° F (-40° / +60° C)

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