UV-C Boxer Medical Disinfector

The Cartoni UV-C BOXER is a large sliding boxlike container for safe loading and sanitization of multiple pieces of gear at the same time. The Cartoni UV-C BOXER is the only medical-grade UV-C device designed for many objects including Digital, Film and Broadcast equipment. The UV-C medical-grade lamps are tested to provide ten times the irradiation needed to sanitize the surface of objects in the device and the reflective walls provide an even distribution of the radiation on the entire surface of the item to be disinfected. The power of a reflected beam is 40% of the original beam, exceeding the needed germicidal effect by five times. Each lamp has a life of 6,000 hours and has no ozone release.

The typical length of time needed to disinfect and sanitize a set of equipment, including a camera, two lenses, two batteries, microphone, etc. is just three minutes. In order for effective sanitization, the objects must be well arranged and spaced in the BOXER chamber to ensure no overlapping.

The UV-C BOXER was tested by an FDA compliant laboratory with 64 plates of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and other microorganisms, including COVID-19. Each was placed on different materials such as glass, composite, and metal to simulate broadcast and film equipment. Additionally, each microorganism was tested at five different positions within the UV-C BOXER’s chamber to ensure that the UV-C BOXER could effectively neutralize them. In it’s independent lab tests, the Cartoni UV-C BOXER was found to disinfect 99.985% of microorganisms, including COVID-19, in three minutes. . The test results make the BOXER the first device specially designed for the film industry to be proven to disinfect.

Cartoni designed the BOXER with a safety lock system to avoid accidental UV-C irradiation.  If the door to the BOXER chamber is not safely locked, the UV-C lamps will not activate.

The UV-C BOXER is safe if properly used, effective, and fast. Operational indoors and outdoors, it’s ideal for carrying to locations. Equipped with wheels with positive locks, it can easily be moved around on flat surfaces or studios. It’s box design, and large chamber allows productions, props and rental houses to evenly sanitize multiple objects at a time, which may unknowingly contaminate on sets.

The CARTONI’s UV-C Boxer is equipped with ten medical-grade UV-C (100-280nm) lamps, neutralizes microorganisms, including COVID-19, in just three minutes. The test results make the BOXER the first device specially designed for the film industry to be proven to disinfect.

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Dimensions: 39.5x26x37.5 in (100x66x95 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs. (52 kg)
Internal chamber: 36.5x21.5x24 in (93x55x62cm)
A/C Input: 110/220 volts
Material Aluminium
D/C Input: 24 volts
Cycle: 3 minutes with timer
Chamber & rack: 10 x 4-watt UV-C lamps equally distributed on all 6 polished aluminum mirror coating for optimal reflection in all directions
Irradiation: 360° UV-C wavelength covering all surfaces, including rack base. The only shadowed zones consisting in the 3 mm diameter of the rack’s stainless steel rods
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Additional Info
Manufacturer Cartoni
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