Practilite 802


IP54 Dust and Waterproof Bi-Color LED light with precision secondary optics.


Ideal for ENG, documentaries, reality TV production and event videography. Practilite 802 employs advanced secondary optics to achieve unprecedented light output and power efficiency in a portable unit. Practilite 802 is rugged and compact, Designed to provide a solid and powerful lighting solution everywhere and in all conditions.


Professionals can explore new creative horizons enabled by weather sealing and portability. It also features a silent cooling system and an IP54 rating for dust and waterproofing, allowing for its use in virtually any production situation. The 802 connects effortlessly with smart devices for quick set-up and easy adjustment, even when hard to reach.


About 50% more powerful than most popular 1x1 LED panels, Practilite 802 delivers 1860 fc at 30- degree beam (370 fc at 90-degree beam, fully diffused) while consuming a maximum of 90W. The built-in 30-degree lens arrays are complemented by two state-of-the-art rigid diffusers, which provide efficient diffusion for beam angles of 60- and 90-degrees.


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