Cartoni FocusHD and Focus 12 Difference In Quick Release Camera Plates

Focus 12 and Focus HD

The Cartoni Focus 12 and Focus HD fluid heads are ideal choices for 4K/UHD Cameras, ENG, lightweight      digital cinema cameras and DSLRs.  The two heads are identical, except that Focus 12 features a euro-style quick release plate, while Focus HD is equipped with a side lock plate. Both can accommodate camera     packages for basically 1 to 26 pounds. The Cartoni patented fluid drag and counterbalance system delivers perfect balance and control though +/-90 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of pan. For craftsmanship, performance and price, Focus 12 and Focus HD are without peer in their class.

Euro-Style, Quick-Release Plate

The euro-style, quick release plate, featured on Focus 12, makes mounting cameras fast and easy. Simply snap the plate into the base mount and secure it with a slide control. Change cameras or tripods in seconds. It’s the perfect solution when fast set up is essential.

Side-Load Quick-Release Plate

The Cartoni signature side-load, quick-release plate, featured on Focus HD, is an economical solution for quickly mounting the camera to the head. Simply set the plate into the base mount and secure it with a locking mechanism. In just moments, the camera is set up and ready to shoot.

2 thoughts on “Cartoni FocusHD and Focus 12 Difference In Quick Release Camera Plates

  1. Saby Mondal says:

    Hi, Can the quick release mount plate alone account for $400 difference in price and 1.1 LB (one-fourth of the total weight) difference in the weight? Is not that impossible?

  2. Mike Schmidt says:

    I have been using numerous 75mm tripods and ordered a Focus 8 just days ago from B&H. I’m looking forward to the continuously adjustable counterbalance and hope it will perform at least as well as the Sachtler Ace L. I’m also looking for a bigger 100mm fluid head. Are the Focus HD and Focus 12 really the same except for the plate system? In an interview, you stated the Focus 12 had been “ruggedized” – which I assume might address the frequent complaint regarding plastic levers. Since I am so heavily invested in Manfrotto / Sachtler / Gitzo plates, is there ANY possibility that Cartoni might make a Focus 12 / side load version compatible with those (like the Sachtler FSB 10 or Manfrotto 509? I understand Cartoni engineers might be cringing because the smaller plate must result in some compromise, but it would be really great in my opinion…. Or do you recommend to switch to the Touch and Go for heavier cameras?

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